We understand that we have global citizenship responsibilities that simply cannot be neglected. The local, nationwide, and global environments in which TEAMnetwork directly and indirectly operates need a committment to understanding key environmental values and what it means to be part of a complex ecosystem.

TEAMnetwork operates a number of policies and initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and do our bit to lead the IT industry in controlling and reducing our environmental impact.

We believe thinking about tomorrow today is essential to the success of our country.


Energy consumption in server rooms, printing zones, and even at the desktop has become a very real issue for IT managers.

TEAMnetwork offers a variety of solutions that help our clients not only reduce their energy costs, but also reduce their negative impact on the environment.

A combination of advanced technology and proven energy efficient practises make TEAMnetwork the logical choice for organisations who maintain a social conscience and want to leave a planet where our children can grow up and enjoy the fruits of their labour.


Technology is constantly changing and new products are continually being released that make existing solutions obsolete at an ever increasing rate. Responsible IT partners need to implement practical steps to miminise waste.

TEAMnetwork encourages all its customers to work with us to re-use and recycle obsolete technology. Together, we can leverage past investment or securely dispose of products in such a manner that will promote remanufacture with the minimum damage to the environment.


Transportation continues to have a significant impact on the environment. The transportation of products and people results in costs not only in dollar terms but also in environmental impact.

TEAMnetwork can implement remote access technologies that allow staff to work from any location reducing the need to commute.

Maximising the use of secure remote access technologies implemented with practical management controls and underpinned by strong organisational policy, can deliver the modern environmentally aware organisation "win-cubed" solutions. A win for the employee, a win for the organisation and a win for the environment.