Our founders, Daryl Petersen and Glen Houlihan, bring together a mix of strong technical understanding, innovative thinking and a sincere desire to help our customers be successful.

Daryl Petersen

Daryl brings over 25 years of IT experience with a variety of products, systems and technologies. He began his career in software development and has since worked in a number of IT related disciplines including systems analysis and programming, computer telephony and infrastructure design, build and maintenance.

In addition to several industry certifications and accreditations, Daryl has experience in a wide range of Microsoft technologies and a huge variety of hardware.

Daryl works within TEAMnetwork providing technical and operational leadership.

Glen Houlihan

With well over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Glen brings his considerable project management and technical skills to bear for the benefit of TEAMnetwork staff and customers.

With exposure to a wide variety of private sector and Government related businesses, Glen has the breadth of experience necessary to enable the team to make each task or project a success.

Like Daryl, Glen continues to work within TEAMnetwork as a passionate coach and mentor for management, sales and technical staff.