TEAMnetwork, formerly LANsmart, was incorporated in New Zealand in 2000. The two founders, Daryl Petersen and Glen Houlihan, established the company with a view to servicing the IT needs of Wellington businesses, both small and large.

engineering growth

In 2003, we made the decision to extend the organisation toward a branch office business model and acquired our Auckland office.

At this time, the team was reorganised into a new structure that would enable existing and future branch offices to re-use proven successes, leverage our experience and benefit from our business systems.

introducing TEAMnetwork

In late 2007, based on customer, we renamed the organisation TEAMnetwork to better represent our philosophy of working together with our customers to deliver successful outcomes.

Along with this name and brand change, we also unbundled our service offerings to meet the needs of our customers who wanted a more flexible approach to their IT partnerships.

the future

TEAMnetwork continues to leverage many of its achievements - our web portal, knowledge capital, and most importantly our talented and qualified staff.

To meet our objective of offering IT services nationwide, we are constantly looking for opportunities to partner with similar IT services organisations with a view to reviewing their ownership, processes and value proposition and ideally, becoming part of our team.