TEAMnetwork one of New Zealand’s leading IT providers. Operating under a unique team structure that sees is customers enjoy direct relationships with trained personnel – without using a helpdesk!

Leveraging proven techniques and methods, TEAMnetwork staff both learn and contribute to our ever evolving formulae.

If you want to be part of one of only a few New Zealand IT companies truly "engineering lead" organisations, review our vacancies and express an interest. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow, develop, lead and contribute in team environment who recognises you and your contribution.

Choosing a company to work for is an important decision. Facets such as personal growth, a fun yet professional culture, technology exposure and learning should all be considered when choosing an employer.

TEAMnetwork understands what professionals in the IT industry require. Some benefits from working at TEAMnetwork...

Open Door Policy

TEAMnetwork management team are accessible. The Open Door Policy provides a pathway for feedback and continuous organisational improvement.

Exposure to experience

Years of experience in most facets of IT reside within TEAMnetwork’s doors – whether this be in the local office or across the country. Exposure to other professionals on our team and regular professional meetings, exposes all employees to opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute.


We understand that when you’re busy, you’re busy. From time to time you may miss out on lunch or arrive early to work and need breakfast. In addition to water, tea and coffee, TEAMnetwork provides a variety of food for all our employees.

Presentation Training

Modern day professionals across all levels of the workforce typically need to present concepts and material throughout their working life. Understanding that not everyone finds this a comfortable experience, all TEAMnetwork employees are offered Toastmasters training to grow their skills in this very important area.

Performance and Development

Performing and recognising performance is essential within a TEAMnetwork employment framework. We run performance plans that see our staff learn our techniques, enhance our methods, contribute to our revenues, and lead our people. Industry training as well as internal development is centered around a consultative approach for mutual benefit.

A chance to innovate

Inside each one of us are ideas, suggestions, concepts and approaches that are bursting to get out. Employees are always encouraged to review and rethink current practise and innovate where possible. Much of our growth and success is attributable to our staff's innovative thinking.

Local culture

Every organisation has a culture. Leveraging our team centric structure, TEAMnetwork’s culture is a mix of nationwide practise and most importantly, local personality. TEAMnetwork employees, together with local management, set the culture that they feel gets results, and in a way that they can have some fun.