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what is it?

Our procurement service enables TEAMnetwork clients to purchase a wide range of IT products and services through us, at competitive and transparent prices. With Procure we take the hard work out of IT purchasing. We’ll source and supply you quality products, direct from our network of reliable New Zealand distributors, at an agreed mark-up rate on the wholesale price. Our online order tracking system, TEAMlink, lists products and current pricing from multiple suppliers, allowing our clients to conveniently compare products and prices online in their own time. We’re there to help you every step of the way. Our expert technical staff can advise you on selecting the right products and services, answer any questions you have, provide quotes, install any products you purchase, and service your hardware once it’s up and running.

how does it work?

Once your procurement agreement is in place, purchasing your IT products through us is easy. You’ll pay a set mark-up on all products and services you purchase and we’re always available to discuss your requirements and advise on the right products for your business. Once you’ve decided on a product you can request a price or quote from us, or simply go online to TEAMlink and look up the current wholesale price and your ‘buy price’. You can order products over the telephone or email us your order. It’s that easy. TEAMlink keeps a record of your previous purchases and our re-stocking policy enables you to return unopened products within seven days of delivery. Procure clients receive a single monthly invoice for purchases, reducing time spent handling multiple invoices from multiple suppliers.

what are the benefits?

When you choose Procure you’ll start to see the benefits.
  • Access to a wide range of IT products including hardware, software, consumables, digital copiers, telephones, and laptops.
  • Sharp, competitive pricing with reductions on standard retail prices
  • Total transparency – you always know what you’re paying above the wholesale price
  • Impartial and independent advice – our staff aren’t incented to sell you anything
  • Technical expertise every step of the way, from selecting the right product through to delivery and installation
  • Free quotes and prompt, priority delivery of any products purchased
  • A single monthly invoice for your IT product purchases
  • Information and advice on new technology products that suit your business
  • The freedom and confidence to focus on other areas of your business

an individual approach every time

Because every client has unique needs, we’ve developed flexible ways of providing our procurement service. There are three types of ‘Procure’ agreement – Casual, Standard, and Commitment. Each has different features and benefits. We can also customise procurement agreements to suit clients with large or more complex purchasing requirements. And if the solutions here don’t suit you, we can work with you to develop an approach that’s right for your business.

What type of Procure agreement should I choose?

Take a look at the features of each of the agreements we offer. It might help you work out which one is right for you and your business.