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what is it?

We understand that modern organisations need to select partners with care. They recognise the high cost of making hiring mistakes and equally so, making partnership mistakes. To this end TEAMnetwork offers all potential clients who have a Windows based server the opportunity to get some value immediately.

The Site Observations Report has been developed and used by TEAMnetwork for a number of years. It is a written report aimed at the lay person and is given freely and is co-presented with its author. The report focuses on the positive and not so positive aspects of the client’s computer network.

The report contains commentary with recommendations based on our initial investigations.

how does it work?

With your permission, a TEAMnetwork technical engineer will conduct a brief (1-2 hours) investigation into the health of your core IT systems.

A series of questions will be asked relating to the management processes surrounding the network and the experience of its performance.

Using credentials provided by you, TEAMnetwork technical engineering staff will access the server to establish its health. No settings or configuration changes will be made, it is an exploratory process only.

Having completed the investigation, the engineer will create a unique Site Observations Report.

Within a few days, and at a time suitable to you, the report will be presented and discussed. Positive observations are highlighted. The others are divided in three different categories:

  • Immediate - remediation is recommended without delay
  • Tactical - requires attention in the near future
  • Strategic - should be considered at the next IT review.

what is the value of an SOR?

The customer feedback we get from our Site Observations Reports has been fantastic.

Many customers use them to confirm their suspicions or simply validate their decision making to date.

Often the report is used as a guide to addressing relevant issues related to the health of the network, in a planned and considered way – with the report showing the priority of the issues from a technical perspective.

Yet other customers use the report and the opportunity to talk with trained professionals about implementing planned IT changes based on the health of the network.

All the comments we have received are very different – though they all have one thing in common – that the experience was useful and of considerable value.

that all sounds very technical...

Computer systems exist to support the operation of your business. All staff, from management to technical and even support staff understands this basic principal.

The Site Observations Report is developed seperately from, but in tandem with, another TEAMnetwork engagement tool – our client questionnaire.

This document is structured in such a way that our staff, both Business Development and Technical, have the opportunity to learn about your business, it's history & plans, what’s important to you, and of course how you use your IT systems.

The client questionaire underpins the Site Observations Report making it a considerably more useful and targeted document.

where to next?

The majority of customers then choose to work with TEAMnetwork to address issues or engage to ensure continued operation.

Customers who enter into a Service Agreement with TEAMnetwork are allocated the same engineers who developed the report – people who already understand your organisation's IT systems.

I want one

If you, like many other successful TEAMnetwork customers, would like a free Site Observations report completed on your network, call us now on 0800 TEAMNET (8326638) and ask to speak with your local Business Development Manager.