what is it?

TEAMlink is a web port for our customers to, at their leisure, review and work with their nominated TEAMnetwork staff.

TEAMnetwork doesn’t believe in the duplicity of systems. We operate a single line of business system called TEAMlink. Like us, customers have a login to this system to review progress and operate their account.

The TEAMlink system has been developed over many years based on the feedback from customers just like you.

When becoming a customer, be ensure to ask for your TEAMlink username and password.

what can I find on TEAMlink?

There are many different aspects of your TEAMnetwork experience that can be enhanced by using our web portal – TEAMlink.

Contact information

Names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers of your assigned TEAMnetwork staff are all available to you via TEAMlink.

Accounts information

All too often we hear even our own accounting staff wanting copies of invoices. In an effort to be even easier to do business with, TEAMlink holds copies of all current invoices and at least 3 years of historical invoices.

Rates and Fees

Unsure of your rates and fees? TEAMlink holds this information for you and is readily available when you want to review them. No-one likes surprises or mysterious invoices that are difficult to understand or reconcile.

Procurement catalog

There are simply thousands of technology products from various manufacturers and distributed by a number of wholesalers across New Zealand. TEAMlink collects pricing, and where possible stock information, from a range of distributors for our procurement customers to review.

Our customers can compare the model above, and the model below. Making informed decisions on IT purchases just got easier.


Want to know when you brought a piece of technology to see if it’s still under warranty? Want to recall when you did the IT upgrade project? TEAMlink tracks years of this information for you – all at your fingertips! Looking up previous history to establish trends or identify warranties is easy with TEAMlink.

Service Updates

Our Service customers can use TEAMlink to request updates on open service calls or to re-open an existing call if for some unforeseen reason, an issue re-occurs again. Service update requests are linked to our engineers' cellphones. They are immediately notified of your enquiry and can make contact when they are next available to communicate.